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According to the Population Reference Bureau Data Sheets (www.prb.org), they estimate that the present Southern African Annual Death rate is 13 deaths per 1000 population (1.3% death rate), and a Growth rate of 26 births per 1000 population (1.3% growth rate). The present South African population at a round figure is 40, 000,000 (40 million), this means that 520,000 (520 thousand) people will die this year.

An average grave (grave area only, cemetery roads and paths not included) uses approximately 2.5m of land in a cemetery. An estimate 312,000 (312 Thousand) of the 520,000 people that die this year will be buried in a grave. These graves would use 78ha (78 hectares) of land around the country this year. Government picks up this bill every year and as populations grow so will the bill grow. Limited land is going to cause many problems, because the land set aside for cemeteries becomes unproductive and does not meet the day to day needs of the living.

45-75% of deaths are in urban areas, where the cost of land is much higher and the demand for land even higher. The pre-cast tomb structures can help relieve this problem of land for graves by increasing the number of tombs that existing and new cemeteries can accommodate by 474% - 948%. A total of 16ha of land would be needed to accommodate 312,000 tombs in relation to 78ha to accommodate the same amount of graves.

It is clear that the pre-cast tombs can offer a viable alternative in an effort to achieve maximum utilisation of cemeteries, where ground is becoming so very valuable as the world grows at a rate of 1.3% or 65 million people a year, and where many cultures and religions will not opt for alternative methods of disposing of their dead, such as cremation. Over and above these factors, there is the HIV/AIDS Epidemic that awaits the SOUTH AFRICA. If government does not prepare for what lies ahead they will end up burying their people in mass graves without dignity, because they will not have any alternatives.

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