"Tomb Walls"

Business Structure and PlanMany Southern African cities are facing a crisis situation similar to many cities around the world, with respect to cemeteries. Existing cemeteries in South Africa alone, on average and at the present death rate of 1.3% per annum only have enough space for graves for another 4 - 6 years according to estimates in 2001.

Family at a FuneralThe tomb wall land management system offers an alternative way to bury the deceased in caskets and coffins. This pre- cast system is a land management system for grave yards, that create an aesthetic monument or shrine similar to a mausoleum system but cheaper, more secure than a grave where the families can lay their loved ones to rest in their time of bereavement, suffering and sorrow.

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Cemetery Land Management System
(South African Patent No. 2002/3813
Patent Cooperative Treaty Application No. PCT/ZA02/00143)
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